War of the Worlds. Rus vs Muscovy.

Ukrainian war with Russia did not start with the separatist sabbat in the Donbas, with occupation of the Crimea, with shooting of activists Instytutska and not even with the beginning of Euro-Maidan. It started hundreds of years ago - in 1169 – with the attack Prince Bogolyubsky at Kyiv.


Ukraine war with Soviet Russia was not over, but continued after the announcement of independence in 1991. Phases, shapes of this war has changed, and today it reaches its peak, as firearms and security departments of both countries now speak.


Ukraine has been living in a state of war for a long time. First of all – informational war. From Putin's mass media brainwashing the population and those who managed to "connect" with their information fields.


Work is also being done with a population outside Russia, but the emphasis is made on other forms. All of this is done in order to restore the "bi-polar world", to meet the ambitions and raising self-esteem of Kremlin dwarfs and their puppets.


Striking evidence of weight of the information component in the arsenal of Russian invaders is a war for the TV-towers and constant attempts to block access of Ukrainians to objective information.


Moscow, struck by bacillus of imperialism, is trying to restore its control over all territories that were part of the zone of influence of the USSR. For do this purpose they are using the most efficient developments of the Stalin and Nazi propaganda, upgrading it for advanced capabilities of modern technologies. 

Why actions of Russia turned out to be effective? Because Russia has a very clear ideology.  A sort of a hybrid of Soviet and imperial ideology. Today this ideology can be called Nazi without a doubt. Russia has a strategy to realize her aspirations. And the whole state machine works for its implementation.


Putin wants to expand the borders of his state, connecting all the territories that were the part of the USSR, the Russian and Mongolian empires, as he believes his country to be the assignee of these public entities.


Ukraine hasn’t still identified with its own state ideology. The opposition to its introduction always occurs from the Russian agents. We have been in of word nationalism till the last minute, although it is a natural ideology of any state, no matter of which direction the governing  party is there.


Today, people of Ukraine are gradually converting into nationalists. With Putin's public aggression against our country, the whole country feels great patriotic enthusiasm. State leaders are left behind in this process. And if they do not have time to change they will be replaced for the new ones.


Let’s consider each kind of "arms" separately, dividing it into "tactical" and "strategic."

Tactical information weapons


The effect of all these weapons we see today in the first place – via the Kremlin television screens. Here he acts on the basis of information waves. The key message is massively fed through television, radio, printed and electronic media. This is possible because of biased coverage in controlled and "jeans" - in the independent media.


To run key messages in the media you need an informational occasion. If usually the media are looking for information drives, then Putin's propaganda creates them. Each informational occasion is a separate special operation, which aims to promote key messages abovementioned channels.


After running the message through their relatively authoritative resource, it is immediately picked up by others, reposted on social networks, commented by "trolls", spread rumors through "Sheptun" ...


When a high level of posts delivery is required, even conventional advertising can be used on the last stage of forming the necessary public opinion.


How to resist:


  1. Ukraine has to set up a separatestructure, possibly even the whole Ministry, which will be engaged to information security, both internal and external, as well as of the international image of our country.
  2. Stop broadcasting of all media propaganda of Russia in Ukraine.
  3.  Actively promote their symbolism and ideology by establishing effective cooperation with the media.
  4. As a counter to Putin's lies, our weapons must be the truth, because the maximum attention should be focused on ensuring freedom of speech.
  5.  Information about the owners of the media should be open. Owners should not interfere with editorial policy. Adherence to professional standards will allow Ukrainians to receive truthful information.


But the effectiveness of tactical weapons would not be significant without the prior systemic work ...

Strategic information weapons


Strategically Russia is promoting the idea of "Rus measure" through praise of the achievements of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Soviet propaganda, myths are still alive and are supported by Russia. It has adopted the old thesis, but promotes them with thenew methods.


That is why Russia is trying to save the Soviet place names, monuments, Soviet myths, and also, in order to restore the imperial myths about the "unity of the Slavs", the Orthodox Church, "the third Rome" and so on.


For this purpose pompous military parades are held on the 9th of May, to the Victory Day, festivals, publishing is stimulated, propaganda literature is funded, movies, sitcoms, talk shows, are supported by the Russian show-business throughout the former Soviet Union.


Along with this pro-Russian organizations, movements, parties of left and right-wing are established, their activities are funded. Such structures are lobbying Russian interests and promote the idea of "Russian world".


Sometimes these organizations even initiate to rename Soviet toponyms and replacement of Soviet monuments for ... imperial. In particular, such situation has developed in Kirovograd, which they try ti rename to Yelisavetgrad, or in Dnepropetrovsk, which they offer to return to "Katerynoslav”. There’s the same story with the renaming of streets and Monument to Catherine II.


Separately the role of the Church of the Moscow Patriarchate should be highlighted. The vast majority of its agencies operate on the principle of the sect. They create a permanent group of permanent parishioners, who brainwash better than "Jehovah's Witnesses" do. After that "zombie" on the first call of the priest are used as a free labor power, for grabbing competitors’ accomodations for various events, and simply voting for the "right" candidates. Churches themselves have learnt to earn well on religion, exposing the "prices" for all "services", and without paying a dime of taxes.

How to resist? Required:

  1. ·         Restore historical memory; fill in the "white pages" of Ukrainian history with true historical facts. Align the teaching of history in schools. This must be done by the Institute of National Remembrance.
  2. ·         Develop a strategy for information policy. Ministry of Information Policy must be clear about the principles of positioning Ukraine in the world and the goal we have to achieve. The strategy must be clearly measurable with the help of clear indicators and defined in time.
  3. ·         Stop the activity of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine on the basis of inciting inter-religious and ethnic hatred, and supporting terrorism. Its properties must be given to the single Ukrainian church (after its creation). Gains from religious institutions should be taxed on the common basis.
  4. ·         One regulation or law to rename all frankly Soviet toponyms and remove all Soviet symbols, including all the monuments, replacing them with historically close to a particular region Ukrainian. Set tangible penalties for failure to comply with this decision.
  5. ·         Comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation on NGOs and parties. Stop all anti-registration organizations and activists to impose liability under the Criminal Code.
  6. ·         Ukrainian dubbing of the films and TV projects must be 100%, without any titles. It is necessary to stimulate the production of our own films, cartoons, and other cultural product.
  7. ·         To ensure the linguistic rights of national minorities it is necessary to introduce a fee for the use of foreign languages in the public sphere. Money, received from it, can be used for the development of the Ukrainian language. The use of minority languages in the learning process should take place at the expense of their respective national communities, not at public expense.

Today there is a struggle between paternalism and initiatives, between horizontal and vertical structures in Ukraine. On one side of the barricades are slaves and slave owners, on the other - free people. The war is not for the territory, but for the human mind and the human soul.


This is really a war between good and evil. And in this war Ukrainians are the soldiers of light and soldiers of good. In this war we will win when Maidan wins. When we change the system in Ukraine - we'll change the world.


We will win. We have no other choice! 


Dmytro Sinchenko, National Initiative "Rukh Derzhavotvortsiv" (Movement of State Creators)


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