"Third empire". Putin’s special operation

Finally, talks with Putin about "conflict resolution in the Donbas" in Minsk are completed. It seems that everyone is ready to cease fire, withdraw heavy weapons, withdraw illegal armed groups from the Ukrainian territory and to regain control abroad...  And, at the same time, Russian trains and "humanitarian convoys" continue to go in the direction of the Donbas. Has someone any illusions about the peaceful solution? ...


Why does Putin behave in such an arrogant way? Why doesn’t he want peace and doesn’t want to let Ukraine go? Why do his propagandists provocatively threaten to attack European countries, and to start nuclear war with the US, during which they hope to turn America into "radioactive ash"?


The answer can be found in one book, propaganda-utopia "Third empire". Diplomats, politicians, journalists who have had the opportunity to communicate with the master of the Kremlin, call it Putin’s handbook. If Putin wanted to hide his plans, it would not be noticed. If he took it just in order to read and escape from the monotony of everyday life, it would not lay on his desk for years. If it was not the official ideology of the Kremlin, it would not necessarily studied by the entire leadership of the RF


So, it is a conscious signal, at least, to intelligence services and analysts of Western countries. This instruction of international politics for the Russian autocrat is being implemented now. This is a challenge to the entire democratic world... For a start , let’s  talk shortly about its content.

The author tells the story of world history up to 2053, more precisely, its Russian interpretation.

The book describes how as a result of the bloody World War III the political map of the world will change. It should stay only 5 countries: The American Federation, The Islamic Caliphate, The Celestial Republic, the Indian Confederation and The Russian Empire.

Moreover, all these states will appear thanks to the victory of Russia over the US and other NATO member states after the nuclear bombing. And everything must begin from Ukraine, which, as a result of "rebellion against the pro-Western government" has to separate its south-eastern part, hold a referendum and ask to become a part Russia. Moscow decides to help "brotherly people" and introduces 80 thousandth army.

NATO Army go to meet them, but are hesitant to join the battle, then there is a division within Ukraine in Vinnitsa, Kirovograd, Poltava and Sumy regions from the western and Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv and Odessa regions from the eastern side.

Then Russia "gathers" land of Kazakhstan, Belarus, occupies Turkmenistan, Transnistria and (attention, the book was published in 2006!) Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Then, a new "cold war” must come in relations with the West. Russia will come out of all international organizations and agreements, including non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and will begin deliveries of nuclear warheads to third countries. 

It is the last and must become a point of no return. Will begin fighting, during which Russia will carry out nuclear bombing of the US, but Americans will not be able to respond and hit Russia, because Russia will use still unknown "shield" that will not pass into the territory of a single warhead.

Then absolute capitulation of the US is to take place,there is to be an occupation of  whole  Europe, including the British Isles and Greenland, ethnic cleansing and rampant Russification of the conquered peoples. Germany and Serbia would be aides of Russia in such actions in Europe.

Who is this Mikhail Yuriev, who has written a profound vision for education the complex of imperial Russian? There isn’t much information about him. It says that in the 90 years he was the Russian state and political figure, a deputy of the Party “Yabloko” (“Apple") and quite a successful businessman. But after Putin's victory, he seemed had disappeared. Now he lives in the US for some reason, which moved all his business…

Gaps in the biography are a sign of cooperation with the secret services. It seems that writing this book - such as special operations, as, for example, the activity of "dissident-oppositionist," Khodorkovsky. He was allowed to go from Russia, but the price of liberty was working for Putin abroad and fulfillment of his tasks.

The real author, or at least ideological inspiration, may be Putin himself with a great team of analysts ideologues of his Administration, which worked for him.

Yuriev can be not more than the originator of his thoughts about the future of Russia, or just surname, which the book was signed by.

What is the purpose of the special operation? They are two purposes at the same time . The first one is for domestic consumption. These books form the imperial thinking and belief in their own invincibility and invulnerability, belief in the greatness of "Russian world". They program consciousness and set the direction of their dreams and prayers "lieges", "parishioners" and "serfs".

"New Order" is probably true Putin's purpose. However, achieving it only within the Russian Federation is not possible. That's why writing and distributing this "utopia" had another goal - foreign political one. It would force the US and Europe not to interfere with the actions of Russia on the territory of the former Soviet Union. And even better-to embroil them.

Can someone really believe, that a book can influence somebody? But Putin knows that foreign reconnaissance analyzes every detail concerning the Russian leadership. And that analysis of this little book would fall into the reports. I believe the way it happened.

This small book Putin wanted to spread rumors that Russia supposedly has a new defense against nuclear weapons, a new panel, and therefore his army is invincible. But special operation has given completely unexpected effect. After the release of the book in 2006, the US announced its intention to place missile defense systems in Europe.

Like in response, Russia in 2008 starts an armed invasion of Georgia and occupying South Ossetia. Putin examines the reaction of the West, and is satisfied (read - the innocent). In the same year, Ukraine and Georgia do not receive MAP blocking Germany.


Now the Kremlin has taken up a key part of the plan - the annexation of Ukrainian territory. And ,at the same time ,activity of Islamists in the Middle East increases, the most powerful organization which declares itself (Warning!!) the Islamic Caliphate. As you can see, everything is going to according to the plan...


And the whole Kremlin bluff brokes against Ukraine. If Putin wasn't bluffing, if he was able, he would have fought today in Kyiv, not in Donbas.In spite of the fact his army better armed and much larger, than Ukrainian, and it was not destroyed inside hostile intelligence services, but for almost a year it cannot overcome our resistance.


Strength is in unity. Europe should become ensemble - in its geographic range. To be liberated must be not only the occupied territory of Ukraine, but also Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Ichkeria, Tatarstan and ultimately Muscovy.


Results of the World War II showed that totalitarianism can be removed from public organism only as a result of the occupation by democratic countries ... Germany, Italy and Japan are prime examples. Military threat to the world must, without delay, be neutralized in Moscow.


Dmytro Sinchenko, National Initiative "Rukh Derzhavotvortsiv" (Movement of State Creators)

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