Putin, lies, and slaves. Our response to Sergei Ivanov

Recently I’ve found an article “Large interview with the head of Presidential administration of Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov”. Without much fun, but I read it. At the beginning of the story Ivanov clearly outlined the Russian interpretation of events in Ukraine. It is extremely manipulative.

"Everything started when Mr. Yanukovych suggested postponing signing of an association agreement of Ukraine with European Union. I emphasize: not renounced the signing but suggested not to make haste. Since at the last moment – as they say “Better later than never” – realized that signing of this agreement brings huge damage to the economy of the country , will have it floored.

As a result of it began Maidan, which was supported by the western countries. And, as consequence - Events in South-East of Ukraine, which passed into war essentially civil, punitive, in the result of which thousands of people died. Within this same chain of events – murders of their own people on Maidan, Crimea, crimes in Odessa, shot down "Boeing ", direct laying of Ukrainian cities which lasted until recently, humanitarian catastrophe”.

It is not what he says that impresses, but the level on which these theses are officially aired. Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation turned out to be a primitive follower of Goebbels. Nazi propagandist taught the basics of propaganda - to speak only the truth, but not all of it.

Ivanov deliberately avoids mentioning of a series of events, that’s why the understanding of the whole process is distorted. Thus, as a result of not signing the agreement began Euromaidan. I emphasize, not Maidan, but Euromaidan. It was a surge of civil protest. Relatively few in number.

It would quickly decay and further on politicians would have decided everything, but for forcibly disperse of the activists, but for unwarranted aggression of the security forces.

That's what caused a real upraise of the people, and European integration was put on the back burner. Risen in rebellion citizens demanded law-abidingness and justice.

But you, “the Ivanovs”, cannot understand it. You were slaves from time immemorial. First, paid tribute to Kievan Rus, then to the Khan of the Golden Horde, and after the fall of the last - recognized Moscow kings as your masters. Today you serve the next master of the Kremlin. 

Seemingly,  a statesman, colonel general (as loudly says Russian Wikipedia), should have some officers honor... and it turns out that the great state is being managed by lying whifflers and cowards, who live in their own world of illusions .

Will there be enough courage to let some Ivanov at least once tell the truth to his slave owner Putin? I highly doubt it. In totalitarian societies the very existence of brave and honest officials is ruled out.

But sooner or later they’ll have to admit – it was you who provoked these bloody events on the Maidan. It was you who sheltered our president-traitor, who fled from Ukraine. Then you occupied the Crimea and announced its joining to the Russian Federation.

And now you are fighting with us, Ukrainians, at Donbas ... With such small additions to Ivanov’s stories, the picture becomes complete and truthful. However, at the same time, it is non-advantageous for Moscow. For this state the truth is disastrous, and thus it is preferred to ignore or distort it.

Any positive change in our country, sooner or later, would become known to the Russians. You are afraid of your own Maidan, therefore you do not give our state a chance to develop and improve. You deliberately and systematically tried and are trying to destroy us. And the war, started by the Kremlin is not for Donbas, Crimea or mythical Novorossia, not against Ukraine, the EU or the US. The war is waged against the entire civilized world. The war is waged over saving what you have stolen from your own people.

And the further the development of democratic countries is, the further is the degradation of Russia. Today Russian politicians call for reverting not even to what we know as “the Soviet reality”, but to restore the empire and serfdom. The official return to slavery is in the nearest future...

They try to detain us in the coordinate system of the Russian- Soviet model. We have to turn the page.

And all Ivanovs and Putins must be forced to admit their lies. In court. And we do not have to wait for long.

Dmytro Sinchenko, National Initiative "Rukh Derzhavotvortsiv" (Movement of State Creators)

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