Crimea, rats and Moscow

On the way home-in the route taxi I had a chance to communicate with the Ukrainian military man. He tried to prove to me that "Crimean people" must determine the status of Crimea in a referendum, because, in his opinion, the Crimea "is not our territory."


He, the military man, serves the people of Ukraine, but is not going to fight with "brotherly people", while Russian boots do not trample the ground of Kirovograd region.


I was confused and shocked by such a position. First of all because I heard it from someone, who has to take up arms to defend every inch of Ukrainian territory. However, the idea that for the sake of peace we "sacrifice" Crimea I’ve heard repeatedly.


I think that people, who say this, do not fully understand the situation. Here is a down to earth for the daily life example.

Imagine that your neighbor stopped by. Without invitation and warning, just because he has the spare key to your house. He is, in general, quite often comes to you, because there are his things in your apartment.


He promised you to pay your gas bills for keeping these things, but somehow it happened that you yourself have started to pay for yourself and for him. Such chunky man, world champion in various martial arts, armed for bear, thug ... in fine, it was really difficult to refuse.


And also he is considered your brother. Half-sibling (though it is not accepted to talk about it in the family). He is much younger than you by age, but apparently it looks quite the opposite from outside, that’s why all quarter calls him the senior one.


And so this neighbor came to your house and said that your rat, which you intoxicated, ran to his home and asked for help. So he thinks you may not live any longer in his house, because, in his opinion, the real owner does not etch rats, but nourishes and cares for them. Arguments that these rats have bitten your favorite cat do not convince him.


Then he casts you out of your kitchen and holds meeting with rats, where rats unanimously vote to ensure that your kitchen became the property of your neighbor. At least he told you so. You have not seen whether voting took place...


You would say that I’m writing nonsense? And you're absolutely right.


However, unfortunately, such nonsense is going on today with all of us. For Ukraine is our home, Crimea - the kitchen in our house, rats - the thieves which we got rid of after the "disinfestation", and the neighbor - is Moscow.

So, will you give away your kitchen to the neighbor? Without any resistance and opposition, "not to shed blood"? So that he has not broken you nose and did not beaten the liver?


If your answer is "yes", then you have to understand that your neighbor does not believe that you own other rooms of your house. He does not believe that you have the right to live. So, after he makes himself comfortable in your kitchen, he’ll take up occupation of other rooms, until captures all of them.


And you, if you don’t fight back and serve him right, may be left to live in your house - in some small room. Or be relocated to a shed. Or, when he is in cross he will anyway break your nose and "pat" on the liver ... and do it regularly.


Just like that. Because he likes it...


But if you do decide to resist - understand that you have other neighbors, who does not like such behavior at all. They understand – if not to stop tyranny now, any of them may be following tomorrow.


After talking with other neighbors, you will certainly discover that your aggressor had many conflicts and old accounts with all the inhabitants of your neighborhood, that he harvested wheat and successfully sold it from one, the burnt farm of the second, raped daughter of the third ... he is sick psycho -maniac and there are a lot of people willing to help you to destroy this monster…


Try to understand, Moscow does not need the Crimea. Moscow needs all Ukraine. And our vulnerability provokes further aggression. The later we go as far as symmetrical response, the stronger the enemy entrenches in our territory and the greater forces for further advancing he manages to gather. 

Let's go back to my accidental conversation. He told me that his fellow Russian, with whom he trained and served together, do not want to fight with Ukrainian.


Somehow it seems to me that they do not want to fight us just because they want to occupy our territory without a single shot. To give us to their "liberators". Nevertheless, if it is ordered to shoot - they must perform it.


I appeal to anyone who has a similar situation.


If your Russian friends really do not want to shoot their "brothers-Ukrainian", they have to cashier Putin. Only the overthrow of the Russian dictator will save Russia from disaster and collapse, and thousands, or perhaps millions of Russians - from death.


The problem of the status of Crimea does not matter for the inhabitants of the Crimea. It's not even a question of citizens of Ukraine. This issue is worldwide.


No one will allow breaking a world balance without consequences. And these consequences will be tragic. For everyone.


Crimea will either Ukrainian or desolate...



Dmytro Sinchenko, National Initiative "Rukh Derzhavotvortsiv" (Movement of State Creators)

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